Teacher Tales - Winter 2018 Edition

Hello everyone! Spring Break is finally here and I'm feeling good. Thought I'd treat y'all to a few teacher tales. Enjoy!

I think we can all agree that this is, in fact, a woman thing. Lol.

Yeah... she's still not doing my homework. Or studying for tests. Or really anything in my class which is a bummer.

I had so much fun for pi day this year! For the first time ever we were actually teaching circles on pi day so it worked out perfectly!

All of March was a struggle if I'm being honest. Not even the one snow day we randomly had made things easier.

I cannot even begin to express how lucky I got with my students this year, they are all pretty awesome. My worst offenders are the kids that have a bit of attitude or just don't want to do any work. My first block kids are my most adored class (don't tell the other kids that!). They're adorable and funny and we make jokes while we're learning and it's great. I especially love how they protect my coffee. Even if it is out of their own self interest.