Midnight Hour Wrap: Hit the Road, April, We Are Done

Kate here for the monthly wrap up.  I for one am grateful to bid farewell to what was possibly the worse month of my life.  Like most months, April had it's ups and downs for me, but my mother suddenly passing was by far the worst blow I've taken in my life.  I know that there were good times- hanging out with friends, hanging out with family, having the most amazing husband in all the world, the Golden State Killer being caught, but Mom's death kind of overshadows all of that, so I'm glad to turn that particular calendar page.

Kim's month was also probably rough as she nears another end of year at school, full of grading papers and preparing kids for graduation.  Plus she's had some Achilles' pain, which sounds horrible.  Hope you feel better, Kim!  One the plus side, Kim has a great new haircut, so there's that. ;)

Here's hoping May is less of a suckfest for us (sorry, Kim, that seems unlikely in your case because school and that one website emailing you constantly) and for all of you!
What Kate Read:

Considering all that happened April was fairly good bookwise for me.  Most of my reading was audio, but I am finding it harder to sit and read without my mind wandering off.  I listen to audiobooks when I'm doing stuff, like driving or walking or cooking and cleaning, so it's easier to escape for an hour or two that way.  Several of my books were re-reads- I read the Stephen King books for a Litsy readalong, and I listened to All the Missing Girls in less than 2 days in order to refresh my memory for book club.

Not sure how May will go, but it's my birthday month, so maybe I can discover some magic.  I'm trying.

But as a birthday present to me, you should all treat yourselves to something fun or bookish (or both!) on May 22nd.  Hit me up on Twitter or Litsy!

What Kim Read:

So Kim is busy getting ready for the end of the year, so I'm doing her wrap up for her (which is why it's super late).  I know from stalking Kim on Goodreads that The Hate U Give was her favorite read of the month, and the only one she gave 5 stars.  She also really liked Kasie West's Listen to Your Heart.  Now, here's where I trash talk some of these covers.  The dude on the cover of Recovered is smoking... which immediately turns me off because, well COPD.  And the smell!  And the chick on the cover Rumor Has It looks super bored.  

May is probably going to be even busier for Kim, but at least I know she's spending time with The Iron Druid series, so hopefully that helps!

*Too lazy to post what we posted, it was mostly Sundays in Bed With memes and maybe a review or two from Kim.