Midnight Hour Wrap Up: May Daze

Hard to believe May is already over.  Normally, I'm all about May since it's my birthday month and gearing up for Book Expo in NYC.  But this year I just wasn't feeling it, so my birthday was a bit quieter than usual, and I skipped going to Book Expo.  Kim's May is always filled with the craziness of end of school, so I'm super impressed that she got any reading done- Go, Kim, go!  
What Kate Read:

May started off a little slow for me.  I'm still getting used to not having my mom around, and it's been difficult.  The weirdest thing is that for a few weeks, I had trouble listening to audiobooks.  Right after my mom passed, audiobooks were all I could handle, but for some reason it flipped.  It took me a lot longer to get through Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore on audio than it should have (because I really did enjoy it), but then Stephen King came out with The Outsider on my birthday and just like that, I got my audiobook groove back again. 

I had some great reads this month, The Outsider topping the list.  The only book that I didn't care for was His Favorites, although I love the idea behind the book, I just didn't like the writing style. 

I think June will be even better.

What Kim Read:

Like previously stated, May is hella busy for Kim.  Testing is always rough and Kim cares a lot about her students.  Graduation is looming and the pressure and frantic rush to get everything done is overwhelming.  Thankfully, Kim's a reader and managed to carve a little time out for herself (along with mountain biking).  Just a little while longer, Kim! 

June should be better, at least once school is out.  Kim's a fast reader, even more so than I am (I just have more time to read) so more books will be read.  Hopefully she and I can get together for an impromptu readathon. ;)  

What We Posted: 

A whole lotta nothing.  Sorry ya'll, Kim was busy and I was not spending time on the computer (on my phone, yes, but I only blog from my computer or chrome book).  We'll be better this month!