Midnight Hour Wrap Up: June Swoon!

June, when I most begin to question why I choose to live in Richmond, VA.  It's hot and humid here (three days into July and I am already eyeing a move to Alaska).  June was bad, but July is shaping up to be a scorcher. 

The good thing about June was the beginning of the World Cup, which both Kim and I have enjoyed watching.  I'm actually watching the Sweden vs. Switzerland game as I type this up.  Both Kim and I agree that reading and soccer go well together (you can read while watching and just pop your head up when the announcers get excited).
What Kate Read:

I read 16 books in total, which isn't bad considering the amount of soccer I've been watching.  Ride On was my favorite, but I also really enjoyed The Bookshop of Yesterdays, A Guide For Murdered Children and Hocus Pocus and the All-New Sequel.  I highly recommend Abridged Classics: Brief Summaries of Books You Were Supposed to Read but Probably Didn’t for the reader in your life- it's hilarious!

Looking forward to July- lots of cool events at the bookstore, plus the first meeting of the YA for Adults book club I'm now running.  I also had a sewing lesson yesterday (thanks to several of my book club friends), so I have a new crafting obsession.  I didn't suck as bad as I thought I would, but damn, there's a lot of math involved.  Sigh.

I'm also working on a bookish podcast with a friend, so I'll be writing more about that if we end up doing it. 

What Kim Read:


Kate summing up for Kim: Kim has been spending her summer vacation thus far with her family, so reading has been put on the back burner (I guess she's not counting the books she's been reading to her nieces, although I think she should).  I'm sure July will bring more books, but regardless, Kim is having a good summer so far (except this damn heat!).