Midnight Hour Wrap Up: Surviving September

That was some September!  Kim went back to teaching, and I celebrated 16 years of marriage to the best Hubs in the world!
What Kate Read:

September was a great month book wise!  I got to do several events with some great authors, got to see my favorite band (Snow Patrol!) in concert, finally went to the Mutter Museum and then ended the month with a trip to Staunton, Virginia for Queen's City Mischief and Magic Festival where they basically turn the whole town into Hogsmeade.  Of course the price for all that fun is a bad cold when I woke up October 1st, but I'll take it. 

I'm really looking forward to October, because it's my favorite month.  I'm hoping to have successful Readathon later this month! 

What Kim Read:

Kim read more than I expected!  But I'm glad she found a little time- although it's important to note that Kim read most of her books in the beginning and middle of the month, because she had a rough end to the month. And now she's sick, but I'm hoping she finds time to rest, relax and sleep (and maybe get in a few good reads while she's at it).