Top Ten Tuesday: Friendship Goals

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl

Today's Topic is:  Platonic Relationships In Books

Kate's pick

1. Karou and Zuzana in the Daughter of Smoke and Bones series. Mostly because Zuzana is the best. 
2. Jane and Zeb (or really Jane and any of her many awesome friends) in the Jane Jameson series.  I strive to be the Jane Jameson in my group of best bookie friends, but I will never be that wonderfully snarky. 
3. Benny and Eve in Circle of Friends.  Through thick and thin, first loves and first heartbreaks, these girls are there for one another. 
4. Harry and Hermione (or Harry and Ron) in the Harry Potter series.  Harry's a pretty great friend, even if trouble does follow him around.  And Hermione is the friend you would pick to always be on your team when it comes to group work, ammiright?
5. Poppet and Widget from the Night Circus.  Yes, they're twins, but they also have a true and real friendship that seamlessly folds Bailey into their family.  It's lovely that Widget never gets his nose bent out of shape once romance comes into play for Poppet and Bailey.

6. The Losers Club from It.  I mean, come on, tackling your childhood monsters together and then making a blood pact is pretty much badass friendship goals. 
7. Lula and Stephanie in the Stephanie Plum series.  Yeah, I am a little tired of the lack of character devolpment, and yes, some of the characters are a little stereotypical, but I love that Lula is mostly always down to do some crazy shiz with Stephanie.  Not only will these two help you bury the body, but most likely, they'll take you out to eat afterwards.
8. Atticus and Oberon from the Iron Druid series.  Who wouldn't want to be besties with their dog and be able to communicate through thought?!  Also, Irish Wolfhounds are legit the best.
9. Chester and Harold from the Bunnicula series.  Sure, Chester is awful to Harold a lot of the time, and yes, he may have tried to go all Van Helsing on poor Bunnicula, but he and Harold go through a lot in the series, and even learn to put up with an annoying puppy.  I am 100% sure that their friendship inspired me to want both cats and dogs in my house.
10.  Jazz and Howie from I Hunt Killers series.  So Jazz is the son of a famous serial killer and has enough murderous issues to fill a news-stand, and Howie is a lovable, easily injured doofus.  Somehow they make sense.  We all need friends that know how to gut someone and also ones that can make light of the fact that we have murderous tendencies.