My 2023 Christopher Pike Challenge

 I'm baaaaaaack!  We'll see for how long, but I won't be making a lot of noise about this unless I become consistent.  Or I start Vlogging. 

I'm also doing a self challenge to re-read and review all of Christopher Pike's books in 2023- although anyone can join. I've been busy scooping up old copies of titles I don't already have, and I think I have them all now or at least on their way. 

My plan is to read the books in order of publication year (not too concerned about necessarily reading them in month/year order because that would require more research than I feel like putting into the project).  

Christopher Pike Books

Slumber Party
Getting Even (Cheerleaders #2)
The Tachyon Web
Chain Letter
Last Act
Gimme a Kiss
Final Friends #1 The Party
Final Friends #2 The Dance
Final Friends #3 The Graduation
Scavenger Hunt
Remember Me
Fall Into Darkness
See You Later
Die Softly
Bury Me Deep
Whisper of Death
The Season of Passage
Master of Murder
Thirteen (Collection)
Chain Letter 2: Ancient Evil
Road to Nowhere
The Eternal Enemy
The Immortal
The Wicked Heart
The Midnight Club
The Listeners
Remember Me 2: The Return
The Last Vampire
The Last Vampire #2: Bad Blood
The Cold One
The Lost Mind
The Visitor
Remember Me 3: The Last Story
The Last Vampire #3: Red Dice
The Starlight Crystal
The Last Vampire #4: Phantom
The Last Vampire #5: Evil Thirst
The Last Vampire #6: Creatures of Forever
The Star Group
Execution of Innocence
Tales of Terror #1
Hollow Skull
Magic Fire
Tales of Terror #2
The Grave 
The Blind Mirror
Thirst No. 3
The Secret of Ka
Thrist No. 4
Witch World #1: Red Queen
Thirst No. 5
Witch World #2: Black Knight
Strange Girl

I'm not including the Spooksville books or the Alosha series, although I may read them. I prefer to focus on his YA and Adult novels.  

If you do want to join:

Participation Levels:

Slumber Party

Read 1-3 Pike books

Chain Letter

Read 3-8 Pike Books

The Star Group

Read 8-15 Pike books


Read 15-25 Pike Books

Fall Into Darkness

Read 25-35 Pike books

The Midnight Club

Read 36 plus

The Last Vampire

Read them all!


  1. Good luck on the challenge! How fun! I've been thinking of doing the same thing for a while, now that I have all his books (except for Spooksville), but it will have to wait until I have more time and peace of mind. Boosting your project on Twitter! And incidentally, I'm glad to see you post again 😀.

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