Monthy Wrap Up: Marching On

March was insane.  So many things happened, both personally for us and on our blog.  Obviously, we're no longer on WordPress (*hissssss*Bluehost Sucks*hissssss*) and we're back on Blogger... which is going well so far.  Do we miss the bells and whistles of the plugins?  Yes, we do.  But we just aren't blogging enough to go through the hassle of switching servers and paying for the service.  I don't regret WordPress though, it was fun.  I wish Google cared a bit more about Blogger... but the Rolling Stones put it best, you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need.  Kim and I need a simplicity in at least one area of our lives, and this appears to be it! 

What Kate Read:

I had a crazy month, but at least the books were good.  My favorites were Legendary and my re-read of Ready Player One.  Fun Home was probably my least favorite, but I still liked it.

What Kim Read:

Favorite book of the month was definitely Fragments of the Lost. Didn't really have a least favorite which is always a good thing.