Teacher Tales - Wrapping up 2017-2018

One more week left of school and I couldn't be more excited. I had some great kids this year, but I'm exhausted. I also struggled a bit as testing was a bit rough for me this year. At the end of the day everything is ok, but the struggle was real.

I went to my first lax game and had a blast. I had no idea it had so much action in it, and it was nice to see one of my students score.

This kid caused me some anxiety this year. Every time he looked for something in his book bag I could feel my eye start to twitch lol. I'm also pretty sure he only turned in one assignment that wasn't crinkled. Great kid though and he acknowledged his lack of organization. I told him he should come see me next year so that we could work on that.


I had a rough morning that day and this was such a nice thing to get delivered to my classroom. I work with THE BEST people. 

I'll interpret for you since his handwriting is pretty awful.

"Most of this won't be important, but passing is. Being poor sucks, high school diplomas, help gets jobs.

Ms. Peterson is really stressed & hard working, please don't drag her down with inane bullshit & wasting time, she doesn't get paid enough. Just set aside some time, ask questions, & actually care, it's less than most films, every two days. Just, pass."

I had a great 2017-2018 school year, but I'm looking forward to having a relaxing summer.