Review * The Foreseeable Future by Emily Adrian

The Foreseeable Future
Published on: May 8, 2018
Pages: 380
Audrey's life has been planned out for her since she was born, and now she's supposed to attend Whedon College in the fall, where both of her parents work. But Audrey has a different plan in mind: She's not going to attend college at all. She's going to earn some money and move to Seattle, the city she's loved since she was a child. And the best way to earn that money is by working the night shift at the local nursing home.

Seth O'Malley works there, too, and a romance quickly blossoms between them. But things get complicated when Audrey saves the life of Cameron Suzuki, Seth's ex. A video of her performing CPR at the beach goes viral, and suddenly, Audrey's wanted for TV interviews and newspaper articles. And just when Audrey starts to love life at the nursing home--and life with Seth--Seattle comes knocking. Does she follow the path she set out for herself, even when it means leaving behind Seth and the cast of quirky patients she's come to care for? Or does she embrace a future with Seth--at least for the foreseeable future--at the cost of abandoning her dreams?

Midnight Thoughts

I really enjoyed The Foreseeable Future. I especially like that Audrey is a recently graduated senior who is struggling with her current plan to go to college. As a high school teacher I HATE that there is the attitude that everyone must go to college.  Students need to be able to explore a variety of options and I love that we get to see that for Audrey and to some extent Seth (he wasn't planning on going to college for family reasons).

Audrey decides to get a part time job at a nursing home and her CNA certification and has found that she really likes the job. While she's known Seth for awhile this is where they become friends and eventually in a relationship. I loved how their relationship was handled. It was cute and a little awkward. My favorite type.

My only complaint was that the ending felt a bit rushed, I would have loved some more time with Audrey's big decision and how that impacted Seth, rather than everything happening super fast.

Midnight Rating