Midnight Hour Wrap Up: The August(us) Gloop Edition

August was a weird month.  It was hot and humid (gloopy weather, people!), and then towards the end we had two perfect almost Fall like mornings... and now it's horrible again. Ugh. Now it's back to school for Kim, which means I'll have to actually remember to post Sundays in Bed With meme since at least for the next month, Kim will be exhausted. 
What Kate Read:

August was okay for me, book wise. Lots of good reads, and not any real duds (although Kill the Farm Boy was SUPER heavy on the puns, just to warn ya).

  I was busy the whole month, and I continue to have a crazy schedule, but I'm trying to read all the books all the time.  I have a few YA events to host, an Out of Darkness Team walk to head on Sept 15th, and the Hubs and I are going to Bensalem, PA (near Pittsburgh) for our 16th wedding anniversay- I'm making him go to the Ed Sheeran/Snow Patrol concert- at the end of the month.  A trip we haven't even really planned out yet, so I'm freaking out.  September is already flying by! 

What Kim Read:

Kim had a great reading month!  I wish it had been filled with more 4 and 5 star books, but she still read some great reads.  

I hope that Kim finds time to read a little this month, and I do know that she had a good first day back to school, but I also know that Kim always gives 100% to her job, and the challenge of the new school year is always exhausting. Good luck, Kim!

How was your August?  And how is your September shaping up (since it's already almost a week in?)