Top Ten Tuesday: The Most Longest Books!

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl

Today's Topic is: The Longest Books You've Read

Kate's Top Ten:

Longest Book: Les Miserables coming in at 1463!  #10 is Gone With the Wind coming in at 1037!

I am a bit surprised by this list!  Not that King and Martin show up so much, but that I honestly thought some books I've read were super long... and they just aren't.  Some of these I've read multiple times (It, The Stand, Gone With the Wind, The Witching Hour), so they don't seem that long to me.  I feel like modern life has really cut into my ability to sit and read long ass print books like I once did.  Now days, if you recommend a book over 500 pages to me, I'm more likely to look it up on audio to see who the narrator is, just because I have time to listen to books but not as much time to sit and read.  The longer books seem daunting now.  Sigh.

Kimberly's Top Ten:
I'm not really surprised by this list. I've never been a long book person. In fact four of the top ten were audios (King, Outlander and Helter Skelter) and if I hadn't loved Harry Potter so much the pages would have dwindled fast. These days if a book is over 500 pages it's audio or bust for me.