Top Ten Tuesday: No Place Like Home

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl

Today's Topic is: Bookstores and Libraries I'd Most Like to Visit

Kate's pick

So, I'm going to cheat a bit, because while there really isn't really ANY bookstore I don't want to visit, and while I'm positive there are gorgeous libraries all over the world I'd want to see, I can't think of 10 off the top of my head, and I'm working all week, so my free time is almost non-existent. 

Instead I'm going to mention my favorite bookstore and my favorite library!

Why do I love Fountain?  So many reasons!  One, because I've been lucky enough to work here for over 2 years.  Mostly on the weekends, but I also run 2 book clubs for the store and host the YA events there.  Two, Fountain is celebrating it's 40th year as a bookstore next month and it's exciting to be part of a long tradition of selling books!  Three, Maggie Stiefvater! She's the reason I discovered Fountain Bookstore, because she does special autographed and doodled copies of her books that you can buy through us (and I'm super excited to be starting her Howl's Moving Castle readalong soon!) Four, all the events!  Typically, we host two to three events a week.  That's a ton of amazing authors I've met!  Five, it's just my happy place.  While I think everyone in the world should have to work retail at some point in their lives (because it's hell, usually, and maybe people would all be a little nicer to one another if we all were forced to work it for a time), bookstore retail is almost total delight!  We only sell new books at the store, which requires us to read a lot (when we're not at work- just like librarians, there's no time to read at work!).  Some customers come into indie bookstores just for recommendations from us.  A large part of my job is to talk to people about the books I love- so,  it's pretty much the best job on the planet!  Lastly, there's just something special about being part of the independent bookstore world.  It's a struggle sometimes to keep the lights on, or the shelves stocked (I know there's a romantic aspect to opening a bookstore, especially in books, but as much as I love my store, the only way I'd ever actually want to own a bookstore is if I won the lottery and could afford to bleed cash out), but the sense of community- providing customers with books, supporting authors with events, pairing up needy schools with book donations, hosting book clubs- all of that is special.  So, support your local indie! 

This is that backside view of my favorite (and thankfully closest) library.  It is a place of beauty.  I spend a fair amount of time there (even though I suck at returning books on time!), and my friends and I often like to meet here just to walk the trails around it.  Plus, there's a bunch of fancy condos and townhomes being built around it, so after I win the lottery and buy my bookstore, I will also buy a fancy townhome by this library.  

Thanks for indulging me, bookworms!  Can't wait to see all the places that I can add to my list of bookstore/library must visits!