The Midnight Weekly Book Report 06/14-06/20

So I skipped a few weeks, but I'll probably put them up at some point because I do have the lovely graphics already made. 

My first book finished this past week was a TBR book- When You Were Everything that deals with the dissolution of a friendship.  It's sad and honest and heartbreaking but also hopeful.  Sometimes we lose friends, even best friends, and it sucks. 

Then I re-read My Friend Dahmer- a graphic novel written and illustrated by a high school friend of serial killer and cannibal Jeffery Dahmer- for our True Crime book club.  It was a great discussion!  

Feral Youth was another TBR book, and it was good.  It's about a group of kids at one of those camps they send troublemakers to, a kind of last resort.  Turned loose in the wilderness, the kids begin to tell stories, and the cool thing is that the stories are all told by different authors.  Most of the stories were good and a few were just so so.  A very cool premise though. 

The Waking Dead is a book I picked up at a past Book Expo because my friend Pam, Midnyte Reader, recommended it. Due to my ability to listen to audiobooks so much faster, I've been using Libby and Hoopla to get to my TBR.  The Waking Dead was awesome and violent and reads a bit like a YA version of Under the Dome, but with a much better ending. Glad I made time for it!

Me and White Supremacy was also on my TBR shelves- I had the physical book after attending an author dinner while at SIBA, and an audio version on my Libro FM TBR.  The book is based on a series of Instagram posts Layla Saad did and is intended as a kind of workbook.  So even though I listened to it, I'm now going back with the physical book to do the journaling aspects, and the actual work the author assigns.  It's a tough read because it challenges the reader to really look at their complacency with white supremacy and white privilege, and do the work to do better. To become a better ancestor.  As a human of this world, and particularly as a resident of the US in the present, I want to do my part to stamp out racism and leave a better future for all. 

If They Come For Us is another book from my TBR, and it's lovely, fierce, bold poetry.  I listened to it on audio, but I'm glad I have an eArc to look up some of my favorite poems.  And I'd probably recommend it in physical form although the narration is lovely. 

I finally finished the Jackaby series!!  I really liked this series, although I'm sad to see it over.  Again, this was also on my TBR.  Love the audiobooks!

And finally, Exorsisters, Vol. 1.  I had a spectacularly crappy week at work for the most part, so this is what I needed to end the week on. The comics feature Cate and Kate Harrow, who help rescue people from Hell and all manner of demon shenanigans. Think female Supernatural, but in this Cate and Kate aren't actual sisters- Cate's mom sold her daughter's soul, and years later Cate got it back in the form of Kate.  Spending all that time in hell made the two fairly different, but together they make a hell of a team.  Pun totally intended. 

So that was my week in books!  How was yours?